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Peter Frampton Talks New "FCA! 35 Tour" Concert Video and CD Packages

Eagle Rock EntertainmentFans who missed seeing Peter Frampton on his recent tours celebrating the 35th anniversary of his classic 1976 album Frampton Comes Alive! can now get a taste of the experience in the comfort of their own homes as, this week, the guitar great released separate video and CD packages culled from the treks.

The FCA! 35 Tour: An Evening with Peter Frampton video, available as a two-DVD set and a Blu-ray disc, features footage from a pair of concerts Frampton played this past February, at Milwaukee's Pabst Theater and New York City's Beacon Theatre.  The audio collection, which is subtitled Best of FCA! 35 Tour, is a three-CD set that boasts performances from various shows on the 2011-2012 trek that Frampton handpicked himself.

Each show on the FCA! 35 Tour featured a full performance of Frampton Comes Alive! followed by a set that leans heavily on songs from Frampton's most recent studio efforts, 2006's Fingerprints and 2010's Thank You, Mr. Churchill.

Frampton tells ABC News Radio that the concept of the trek apparently really appealed to his fans, noting, "It worked out incredibly well, and it was probably one of the most successful tours I've done in the last few years, definitely."

As for the new releases, the veteran rocker admitted that while the DVD and Blu-ray were relatively easy to put together, he nearly bit off more than he could chew when he decided to compile the CD set.

"I thought, for the CD, instead of making it the same tracks [as the video], I've got 116 shows, I might as well make it the best of," he explained.  "So then I, like an idiot, decided to do that and I had decided to take quite some time off after the tour and realized I didn't really have the much time off at all because I was working on the CD package."

He added, however, that he feels the time he put into the CD collection paid off since it resulted in an exceptional-sounding set.

"The CD is really well worth it, I think, because [the songs on it] are more or less my favorite musical moments of the whole tour," he maintains.

Among the video's many highlights is an appearance by Peter's son, Julian, who performs two tunes with his dad -- "Road to the Sun," which the younger Frampton co-wrote and sings on Thank You, Mr. Churchill, and a soulful cover of "I Don't Need No Doctor."

"Having him on the DVD is fantastic," Frampton tells ABC News Radio.  "I'm a very proud papa when he is…singing with us…There's nothing quite like it, actually, than to have one of your children come on and take over, which he does…and he does a marvelous job."

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