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Maroon 5 Ready for "One More Night" on "Saturday Night Live"

Tyler Golden/NBCThere are some things that never get old, no matter how often you do them, and for Maroon 5, one of those things is appearing on Saturday Night Live.  The group makes its fourth trip to the SNL stage this weekend, but they definitely aren't jaded about the experience.

"This is one of the performances that, I think, we all definitely still get nervous for," Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine tells ABC News Radio from backstage at SNL rehearsal. "I guess the fact that it's live has a certain amount to do with it. Anything could actually happen."  He adds, "I'm such a big fan of the show and always have been...and so that makes it pretty special, as well."

In fact, James is such a fan that he even has his own personal favorites among the cast members.  "I love Bill Hader," he says.  "The new guy, Taran [Killiam]?  He's amazing.  The Homeland thing they did last week was just incredible."  And it turns out the band even has a personal connection to the SNL cast -- James says he's pretty sure Maroon 5 bass player Mickey Madden went to UCLA theater school with Nasim Pedrad.

So what can fans expect from Maroon 5's fourth SNL appearance?  Will Adam Levine appear in a sketch making fun of The Voice, for example?  James says he doesn't think the band will be doing any acting, but they will of course perform the traditional two songs: their mega-smash "One More Night" and their new single "Daylight."  

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