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James Taylor Speaks on Election Reform at National Press Club

Image courtesy Democratic National ConventionA month after the 2012 presidential election, James Taylor on Friday addressed the prestigious National Press Club in Washington, D.C., where he spoke on the topic of election reform. At the event, the 64-year-old singer discussed the many Democratic candidates he has supported over the years, including President Obama.

He told of how he came to be a supporter of Barack Obama in 2008: “I couldn't believe our luck that we had gotten such a real person to make it through the filter system of our politics, so it meant a lot to me.”

Taylor explained that he feels that democracy works best when two parties can work together, saying, “By ourselves liberals would probably steer us toward a sort of paralyzed nanny state European style and Republicans left on their own would head towards oligarchy and inherited wealth and power.”

Expressing frustration with Congress, Taylor said, “Paralysis seems to be the order of the day and politics of fear.”

The multiple Grammy winner also addressed voter turnout, stressing the need to make it easier for voters to get to the polls. “We have a day off for the Fourth of July, for Independence Day, Patriots Day, Washington and Lincoln's birthday, Veterans Day, we have MLK Day, why can't we get a day off to go to the polls.”

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