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Big Boi's Just-Released Album Is Music You Can "Tongue Kiss To"

BigBoi.comBig Boi's second solo album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, has arrived in stores. The Tuesday release comes a few weeks later than expected, but for those who waited, Big Boi says they'll find music that's "jammin' ... freaky electro-funk."  He tells ABC News Radio, "When you press play, you can ride out for like an hour and seven minutes, and rewind it and do it again."

In short, "You can tongue kiss to my songs," he says.

The disc was "organically created," Big Boi, explains.  And even though his tracks feature some of the music world's busiest acts, including T.I., A$AP Rocky and Kid Cudi, several of the collaborations were recorded in-person.  That's not all that common these days, especially when files can be sent back and forth electronically -- from one side of the world to the other -- then seamlessly put together.

Still, there's something special about the old-fashioned method.  "Something about being in the same creative space with somebody, brings about a certain type of energy," Big Boi tells ABC News Radio.  "And you can get a better feel for what the song is supposed to be when you're right there.  Same bodies in the same room."

For the song "She Hates Me," Big Boi hit a Los Angeles studio with Kid Cudi, who he says knocked out his part in one night.  And then there's "Lines" with A$AP Rocky's, who is featured alongside electronic pop act Phantograms.  That collaboration happened spontaneously.  

Big Boi tells ABC News Radio that he bumped into A$AP after an interview, and when Big Boi said he was heading to the recording studio, A$AP decided to tag along.  In addition to being a "real down-to-earth cat," Big Boi says that the younger emcee is "serious about his craft...[and] those type of artists, I like to work with."

Of course, Big Boi can't make all his collaborations happen that way.  Consider the Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors anthem "The A," for instance.  "Me and T.I. were in the studio when we did our part," Big Boi tells ABC News Radio.  But "Ludacris was in Fast and Furious part 131 over in Europe," he joked.  In that case, Luda had to record his part in a studio overseas, and Big Boi tacked that piece on to the stuff that he and T.I. had recorded.  "Sometimes, you gotta do that," Big Boi says. 

Along with T.I., Luda and A$AP, Big Boi's longtime collaborator Sleepy Brown also appears on the album. B.o.B, Killer Mike, Kelly Rowland, electronic pop group Little Dragon and more, also contributed to the set.

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