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Brandy Says She "Got Over" Lying About Being Married

RCAIf you watched VH1's Behind the Music special featuring Brandy, then you already know that one of her biggest regrets is that she lied about being married, fearing that her squeaky-clean image would be tarnished by news of her pregnancy.  But Brandy tells Vibe that she's done feeling guilty about the situation involving Robert Smith, the father of her daughter Sy'rai.

"Robert and I got over not being honest about being married.  I called him and his wife and said, 'We gotta be like Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis -- on some family stuff,'" she recalls saying, referring to the one-time blended Hollywood family.

Brandy's love life has been no cakewalk, and "sometimes you have doubts that you won't ever get the experience [of love again].  Those thoughts haunted me for a long time," she tells Vibe

But the romance that budded between Brandy and her current boyfriend, Ryan Press, changed things.  "When I met Ryan, it healed me from those negative thoughts.  I really believe I can have a future with someone again."

The singer continues to promote her latest album Two Eleven, and fans can look forward to see her in the upcoming season of The Game.

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