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Stevie Nicks Discusses Fleetwood Mac's Upcoming Tour Plans, New Songs

FleetwoodMac.comTickets for select concerts on Fleetwood Mac's 2013 North American tour go on sale Friday, December 14.  According to several media reports, the band initially had planned to launch the outing earlier this year, but singer Stevie Nicks had wanted to extend her own trek in support of her 2011 solo album In My Dreams.  In addition, singer/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham made good use of that extra time to tour extensively behind his own 2011 effort, Seeds We Sow.

Nicks tells ABC News Radio that now, however, she and Buckingham are fully committed to Fleetwood Mac and are looking forward to hitting the road with the group.

"The great thing about having a solo career and having a Fleetwood Mac career is that you can go back and forth, and that really makes for never a dull moment," she explains.  "So, now we're ready to put what we did away and we're ready to start with this, and it's exciting."

The singer says she and her band mates have yet to decide on a set list for the trek, pointing out that they intend to pick the tunes during rehearsals, which will begin in the middle of January.

Noting that Fleetwood Mac has "10, 11, 12 big hit songs that we know our audience wants to hear," Nicks notes that the band members still have to put their heads together on "the other 12 songs, 'cause we do about 21, 22 songs in two hours and a half."

The singer says at the beginning of rehearsals, the band members each bring in their own lists of additional tunes they'd like to perform, and "we put all these songs up on a big blackboard."

She adds, "We start going…'You know, this one is really gonna work,' 'this one isn't gonna work,' and it's interesting also because, like, in the year 2013, one song might work really beautifully that didn't work in 2009 or that might not have worked in 2003.  So, you never kind of know."

A couple of tunes Nicks is hoping will "work" are the brand-new tracks she added vocals to a few weeks ago.  The songs, which, according to a recent Billboard article, are titled "Sad Angela" and "Miss Fantasy," were written by Buckingham and were among several new recordings he, drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie put together earlier in 2012.  Stevie says the tracks will be released in conjunction with the tour, but she isn't sure exactly how they'll be issued.

Regardless, Nicks says she's impressed at how vital the new material sounds.  "If I was 20 and I heard that, I'd definitely wanna join that band," she insists.  "I think what we do now is very modern and very now, and it kind of surprises even me that we can sound very young and very excited and very hip."

She adds, "I keep an eye on music so I know what that is, you know.  And, I think [the new songs will] blow people's minds."

Fleetwood Mac's 2013 North American tour kicks off on April 4 in Columbus, Ohio.

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