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T-Boz Ready to Re-Launch Her Solo Career

Photo by Kevin Winter/American Idol 2011/Getty ImagesT-Boz is determined to give her solo career a shot, and in a promo for her new TLC network series, Totally T-Boz, she makes her case to producer Bangladesh.  The two were supposed to go into the studio three years ago to lay down tracks for T-Boz's new project, but a health scare put their plans on hold.

"I was recovering from my brain tumor surgery, so I couldn't do it," T-Boz says.  "I couldn't see, hear, walk... It took me three years to talk, see, walk."

Now that she's recovered, T-Boz wants to get back to her music, but Bangladesh isn't convinced that she's serious.  He's heard it all before, he says in the clip, but T-Boz insists that her time is now.

"I swear to God on everything.  He spared me," she says of surviving the tumor and subsequent surgery.  "I really do feel like I'm supposed to share my story, or help somebody in some kind of way.  And if you do have a God-given gift and it's given back to you, I'd be stupid to be like, 'Aw f that,' and not at least [give it] one more ride."

Totally T-Boz is set to premiere January 1 on TLC, at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT.  In addition to T-Boz's collaborators, friend and family, her TLC group mate Chilli is slated to appear in the series.

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