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Brandy Wishes She'd Snagged This "American Idol" Alum's Hit Song

RCAWhen you've been in the music game for as long as Brandy has, then your catalog is certain to contain a song or two that other artists would have loved to have had for themselves.  But are there any gems out there that Brandy secretly wishes she'd gotten to before somebody else made them into hits?

The short answer is "yes," Brandy reveals to The BoomBox.  But before revealing what song that is, she points out, "I don't think that God blesses you with anybody else's stuff.  I think that God really knows how to issue out people's stuff and never gives it to another person if it belongs to somebody else..."

For the sake of discussion, though, Brandy comes clean.  "There is a song that I wish was mine and that's Jordin Sparks 'No Air.'"  The 2008 release was a slam-dunk for Jordin, whose soaring vocals catapulted the track high on the charts worldwide.

"That song... I felt was my song [laughs].  I did!" Brandy tells The BoomBox.  "And she did such a good job with it with Chris Brown, but every time I hear it I just always say to myself 'If I could just do some of the background [vocals], Jordin. You do the lead, honey.'"

In The BoomBox interview, Brandy also reveals her "secret" favorite artist: Irish singer and instrumentalist Enya.  She also dishes on the identities of friends who some people might not know she has relationships with.  The list includes Countess Vaughn, Shar Jackson and Alexis Fields, who appeared on Moesha with Brandy.

"It feels like there were things that we didn't understand about each other then," Brandy tells The BoomBox.  "Things that we weren't mature enough to talk about, but as women we were able to get together and really apologize for some of the things we put each other through, and really be mature about it."

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