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Ed Sheeran "Ecstatic" over Grammy Nomination, but Gets His Category Wrong

Credit: Dan CurwinWhile he's been a star in his native U.K. for a while, a year ago, few people in the U.S. had heard of Ed Sheeran or his song "The A Team." Now, he's received one of the American music industry's highest honors -- a Grammy nomination -- and he's pretty psyched about it.

Sheeran wrote on Twitter, "I've been nominated for a Grammy. I'm so happy. 'A team.' A song I wrote with no home, no money, anything, nominated or best record at the Grammys. A dream come true. Ecstatic xxx."  He added, "I can't describe how happy I am.  Ahhhh!"

Unfortunately, Ed was a bit confused: he's not nominated for Record of the Year for "The A Team."  He's nominated for Song of the Year, which is different.  Song of the Year goes to songwriters only, so if you're a pop star who doesn't write her own music, like Rihanna, for example, you won't be in this category. 

Ed's competition, by the way, includes the guys from fun., for writing "We Are Young;" Carly Rae Jepsen and her two co-writers for "Call Me Maybe," R&B star Miguel for writing his song "Adorn;" and the four guys who wrote "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" for Kelly Clarkson

Carly, meanwhile, has pronounced herself "over the moon excited" and "extremely thankful" for her two nominations.

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