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Stevie Nicks Reveals Cab Driver Gave Pres. Clinton Idea to Use "Don't Stop" as Campaign Theme

L. Cohen/WireImageOne of the most effective uses of a pop song as a political campaign theme was no doubt Bill Clinton's use of Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop."  It was so linked to his first presidential campaign, in fact, that Fleetwood Mac reunited to perform it at Clinton's 1993 inaugural ball.  But now, Stevie Nicks reveals the unusual circumstances by which Clinton was inspired to use the song.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Stevie says that she recently saw Clinton in Canada -- likely at a benefit concert organized by Sarah McLachlan a few months ago -- and during her 15-minute chat with the former president, he revealed how he came to use "Don't Stop."

"He got into a cab quite a while before he ran for president and ‘Don't Stop’ came on and he said to the cab driver, ‘I really like this song,’ and the cab driver said, 'If you ever run for president this should be your theme song.' And he said, ‘What a great idea,'" Stevie tells HuffPo.  "And I think he kept in touch with that guy. So, when it all happened, he called and said, ‘Well, you called it.’" 

Stevie also says that she "got chills" when she heard "Don't Stop" played this summer when Clinton campaigned for President Obama.  She tells HuffPo, "To me that song always sounds very new." 

Fans will definitely hear Stevie and the Mac perform the tune this spring when they kick off their first tour in three years.

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