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Phillip Phillips Is "Definitely Hurting," Says Colton Dixon

Michael Becker/FOXSince Colton Dixon was booted from American Idol last week, there are only two men left in the competition.  But one of them is struggling due to health problems.

Phillip Phillips, who many consider to be one of the favorites to win the competition, is still having issues with his kidney, which caused him to have an operation earlier this season.  Phil's father recently told his local paper that because the contestants get very little sleep, it's exacerbating the problem.  Phil's mother even issued a special request, asking fans to keep him in their prayers because he is "in a lot of pain."

Phillip's buddy Colton Dixon confirms to ABC News Radio that Phillip is suffering, but he's being a trouper about it.  "Phillip's had [a] rough go," Colton tells ABC News Radio.  "He's had some trouble with his kidney or whatever and I've gotta give him props for it 'cause he's always professional about it...he never lets you know about it." 

Colton, who says that Phillip is "definitely hurting," adds, "I almost wish he would let me know something so I can, you know, help him out if I can...he's still giving it his best or as much as he can on the competition."

By the way, Colton -- who was sure that the reason he was voted off the show was because his religious fans were upset or confused by his rendition of a Lady Gaga song -- now isn't so sure that that's why he got the boot. 

When asked if he'd seen any feedback from fans over the weekend confirming his suspicions, and telling him that that's why they didn't vote for him, he told ABC News Radio, "No.  Which is really interesting to me.  I had several people say that was their favorite performance of mine."

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