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Carly Rae Jepsen "Floored" by "Call Me Maybe" Success

Schoolboy RecordsCarly Rae Jepsen's been famous in her native Canada for several years now, but her career as a U.S. pop star is coming along very nicely.  Her debut single, "Call Me Maybe," was just certified platinum for sales of over one million downloads. The track, which went triple platinum in Canada, has also reached #1 on the UK charts where, ironically, it prevented her benefactor Justin Bieber from reaching the top spot with his single "Boyfriend."

Asked if she's surprised at the incredible reaction to "Call Me Maybe," Carly Rae tells ABC News Radio, "Oh, absolutely. Yeah, I wake up every morning, kind of floored by where my life is, and the adventure that we're on right now because of one song and a lot of support -- 'cause it's a great combination."  She adds, "I feel very, very, very fortunate."

Carly Rae knows the support that she's received from Justin and his manager Scooter Braun has been priceless, but she says she hasn't thought too much about exactly why Justin decided she would be the artist behind whom he'd throw his weight. "I feel lucky every day that I think about all the people that he could have chosen," Carly Rae tells ABC News Rado. "Why it was me... try not to ask him in case he changes his mind!"

However, Carly says she does have an idea about what led Justin to hear "Call Me Maybe" and decide to "pay it forward." "One of the things I heard him say to Scooter was, 'If this song could be number one in Canada, how come the rest of the world has never even heard of her?'" says Carly, who notes that Justin also said, "I want to do what I can to kinda help the rest of the world to hear what's going on."  She adds, "That to me was such a lovely thing for him to say." 

Though Carly has music available on iTunes Canada, right now, you can only buy "Call Me Maybe" on U.S. iTunes.  No word on a full-length U.S. release.

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