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Gavin DeGraw: Publicity from Beating Was "Pretty Cool" and "Worth the Breathing Tube"

Debra Rothenberg/PictureGroupLast summer, Gavin DeGraw made headlines when he was assaulted by a group of men in downtown New York City, and then hit by a taxi.  He ended up in the hospital with a concussion, cuts, scrapes and other injuries, and had to cancel a bunch of concerts.  But now he admits that the incredible publicity that incident brought him was "pretty cool," and was actually worth all the pain and suffering.

Gavin tells the New York paper Newsday, "That was definitely a bump in the road, and it happened at a really crucial time, but at the same time, I figure it was just as beneficial as it was painful."  He explains, "At the end of the day, no amount of money paid to a publicist would have ever gotten me that kind of trending on Yahoo! It was pretty cool, actually. It was worth the breathing tube."

After the incident, Gavin scored his biggest hit in years, "Not Over You," and then landed a slot on ABC's Dancing with the Stars, which raised his profile even further.  Now, he's on a co-headlining tour with Colbie Caillat and his new single, "Sweeter," is also doing well on the charts.

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