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Thompson Square Encourages Fans to Sponsor a Child Through ChildFund International

Stoney Creek RecordsThompson Square's Keifer and Shawna Thompson have teamed up with ChildFund International to encourage their fans to sponsor a child. The organization matches sponsors with children in need around the world, and Keifer and Shawna have gotten in on it.

"We ended up sponsoring a child, which was really cool," Keifer tells ABC News Radio.  "Her name is Lady.  She's from Indonesia."

Keifer admits he'd seen commercials on TV about sponsoring a child and never thought much about it until he got involved with ChildFund.  Once he learned more about children in need, Keifer was floored.

He says, "It's just terrible to think that there's 20,000 kids a day dying.  Every single day because of malaria or whatever, starvation.  It's just crazy, you know.  So, it's just a small thing we can do to try to help."

Thompson Square is making it easy for their fans to help ChildFund's mission by setting up information booths at all their concerts.

"It's really easy," says Keifer," and if you're at our shows, we give whoever signs up to sponsor a child, we give them an autographed CD and stuff to try to entice them to do a little bit more."

For more information, visit ThompsonSqaure.com or Childfund.org.

Thompson Square performs with Lady Antebellum at Radio City Music Hall in New York City Thursday night.

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