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Frontman Britt Daniel Talks Divine Fits, Next Spoon Album

Britt Daniel, 2nd from left/Facebook.com/SpoonSpoon frontman Britt Daniel recently released A Thing Called the Divine Fits, the debut album from his side project, Divine Fits, featuring Wolf Parade singer Dan Boeckner and New Bomb Turks drummer Sam Brown. Daniel says that he chose to create the new band so he could explore some creative avenues that he couldn’t explore with Spoon.

"I wanted to try some new things and go some places I haven't gone before,” Daniel tells Rolling Stone. “I love first and foremost being in a band where I can back somebody up and somebody can back me up. [Boeckner] has a great voice, and I like playing that role of adding to his songs."

Daniel added that he’s already working on ideas for Spoon’s eight studio album. “We're gonna be lying low until I'm done doing shows for this record but then we'll get together,” explains the singer. “I do have a couple songs set aside and I've been telling them to maybe write some music maybe for me to sing on top of. I've never done it that way but I'd like to try that.”

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