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Why Kelly Clarkson Initially Turned Down "Dark Side": "It Was Too Depressing"

KellyClarkson.comKelly Clarkson's single "Dark Side" is the latest big hit from her album Stronger, and its video has even earned her an MTV Video Music Awards nomination in the category of Best Video with a Message.  It's hard to believe that at first Kelly said no to recording the song because she felt it was just too much of a downer.

"When I got 'Dark Side' I turned it down at first," Kelly tells ABC News Radio.  "I told my manager...'This is an awesome song but I cannot sing this every night.  I already have so many depressing, grab-a-knife songs...I can't do it!'"

Ultimately, though, Kelly came around.  "He convinced me months later," Kelly said of her manager.  "He was like, 'No, no,' you gotta revisit it.  Just sing it.  See if you like it.  Go in the studio.'  And I was like 'OK, OK,' and then I ended up loving it, of course, 'cause it's an awesome song."

Kelly's initial resistance to "Dark Side" came because when she performs her songs in concert she experiences all the emotions -- both positive and negative -- all over again, a process she describes as being on an "emotional roller coaster." 

"Sometimes it just gets hard, you know, 'cause I think reliving every song each night can be very draining," she explains.

Luckily, Kelly gets to take a break from the heavy emotions of her songs every night on tour when she performs a cover tune requested by the audience.  Recently at a show in Phoenix, she took on "Don't Speak" by No Doubt, and told the crowd that she can't wait to see Gwen Stefani and the guys on tour.  She also revealed that her dream tour would be No Doubt touring with Pink.

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