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Mumford & Sons Says "Babel" Features Numerous Literary References

Glassnote RecordsMumford & Sons are continuing the tradition of using books to inspire their albums. While title of their debut album, Sigh No More, was taken from a line in the Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing, their upcoming album, Babel, features a variety of literary references including a line from Hilary Mantel’s prize-winning novel, Wolf Hall.

"Honestly, [literary references] appear everywhere," frontman Marcus Mumford tells BBC Radio 4.  "But I don't think that's a unique thing for us as a band.  You just have to listen to Bob Dylan to realize that's what people do when they write songs.”

Mumford adds that reading a variety of books is an important part of his songwriting process.  "A lot of the time writers are just sponges...for what's around them, and so books are helpful for focusing your mind and literally putting it into words,” explains the singer.  “We don't consider ourselves more of a literary band than any other band, you know.  Every band reads.”

In other Mumford & Sons news, the band will make their Saturday Night Live debut on September 22.  The appearance comes just a few days before Babel is released on September 25.

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