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30 Seconds to Mars Documentary Wins People's Choice Award at Toronto International Film Festival

Facebook.com/ThirtySecondsToMars30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto won the People's Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival on Monday for his documentary film, Artifact.  The film tells the story of 30 Seconds to Mars’ legal battle with record label EMI, which slapped the group with a $30 million lawsuit when it tried to leave the label in 2007.  The lawsuit was eventually dropped and the band wound up releasing its 2009 album, This Is War, through EMI.

"It started as a film about the making of an album, and it became a film about the most brutal and challenging conflict of our lives," Leto tells Rolling Stone.  "I hope that artists and audiences watch this film and get a greater understanding of how things work [in the record industry], because understanding is the beginning of change.  Inevitably, we're all moving towards what I hope is a more transparent system."

Leto added that the legal battle with EMI helped inspire the band during the writing process for This Is War.  "It actually helped us make a better album," explains the singer.  "We were very determined.  We had to make an album that succeeded no matter what -– with or without a label.  It's called This Is War for a reason.  We were fighting for fairness.”

You may get your chance to see the film soon in a theater near you, as Leto says that the documentary has gotten “several offers from distributors.”

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