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Pink on Her Hopes for Daughter Willow: "I Don't Wanna Teach Her to Be Sneaky"

Marcel Thomas/FilmMagicIt's safe to say that Pink's approach to parenting is slightly different than the average mother's, considering she's a multi-platinum pop star who had a troubled childhood and adolescence.  Pink says she's learned from her mistakes, and plans to give her 15-month-old daughter Willow a lot of leeway -- but she'll still set some ground rules.

Appearing on ABC's The View on Wednesday, Pink said of raising Willow, "I mean, I'm not gonna encourage rebellion and anger and drugs, obviously, but I think my philosophy right now is -- given she doesn't even talk yet so that may change --  I just don't wanna teach her to be sneaky."

Pink went on to say that some rules are important, but she isn't going to go overboard, either.

"I feel like when parents are really strict, kids are gonna do a certain amount of what they're gonna do, regardless," Pink explained.  "So, as long as she can...feel safe exploring a bit of herself and the world, as long as there's open communication...I'm a very honest person....She's not gonna go into anything not knowing what can happen."

The singer, whose new album The Truth About Love is in stores this week, said the way she was parented was quite different, because her dad was a tough Vietnam vet.  "He was scary!" she laughed.  "My fear of him kept me alive.  I mean, he put me through a wall and I appreciated it.  Later."

By the time she's ready for kindergarten, Pink's daughter Willow will be a very well-traveled kid, since she's going to be accompanying mom on her world tour, which kicks off in February.  "I'm a gypsy.  I have just all these visions of introducing Willow to Christmas markets in Germany," Pink told The View co-hosts.  "And I love Australia." 

However, Pink admitted that she might be a wee bit too attached to Willow, which is why she wants to take her everywhere.  "I've never been outside of a mile of her.  I'm gonna be her date to the prom," she laughed.

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