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Sean Paul Denies Jay-Z Stood Between Him and Beyonce in Video, at VMAs

Coty/PR Newswire Beyonce's "Baby Boy" collaboration with Sean Paul happened nearly a decade ago, but the dancehall star is just now getting around to clearing up rumors that Jay-Z blocked him from appearing alongside Bey in the song's 2003 video. 

Though Sean Paul appeared in the clip, he didn't have one scene with Beyonce, and he was nowhere in sight when Bey writhed around on a fur rug while wearing a beaded bikini-like top and tiny bottoms.  Rumors that Jay-Z was to blame only intensified when Sean Paul didn't perform "Baby Boy" alongside Bey at the Video Music Awards, which was also blamed on Jay.

But addressing the video rumors, Sean Paul points out to MTV that artists aren't always able to be in the same place together at the same time.  Besides that, he explains, "the whole direction of the ["Baby Boy"] video was sold to me as, 'You're in a dream world.'"  That was in keeping with Beyonce's lyrics about her guy fulfilling her "fantasies," and seeing him in her dreams, he says.

As far as he's concerned, "It was not a big deal to me, but it really blew up into crazy stuff."  Sean Paul tells MTV that he knew Beyonce from Jay, and says that it's not true that Hova blocked him from getting close to her.

Sean explains to MTV that he didn't immediately squash the rumor because it was creating a buzz about the single, which went on to become a hit.  "The general public blew it up in certain things.  I just remained quiet about it for years because it was doing its work," Sean says.  "There was just a lot of controversy."

All the drama didn't bring down Sean Paul's "Baby Boy" experience.  Looking back on it, Sean Paul tells MTV, Beyonce is "an amazing artist, the song was at #1 for like nine weeks, so that was a very special time for me and for dancehall."

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