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Heart's Wilson Sisters Tell Their Story in New Book, Pick Who'd Play Them in Biopic

It BooksWhat's it like to be a "woman in rock?" Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson have been asked that question a million times in their long and storied career, and now, with their new memoir Kicking & Dreaming, they've finally answered it, as well as a few more.

Kicking & Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul and Rock & Roll, tells the story of Ann and Nancy's upbringing in a close-knit military family, and their relentless determination to make it in the male-dominated world of rock.  Along the way, you'll learn the stories behind their biggest hits, the details about their intensely complicated love lives and inter-band relationships, and their lifelong struggle to avoid being sexualized in a male-dominated industry. 

You'll also get some very juicy stories about what they got up to on the road -- like the night the sisters turned down the opportunity to have a four-way with Eddie and Alex Van Halen.  But overall, Ann and Nancy decided they didn't want to dish the dirt too much.

"We did think about the fact that we have young children," Ann Wilson tells ABC News Radio. "And that many of the people in this book are still in the prime of life.  I mean, they're still here.  So, we wanted to tell the story really honestly and fully but not be libelists.  Just tell it as best we could...and not try to hurt anybody."

But they reveal they've already received one complaint -- from John Mellencamp. He's offended by one part of the book in which the sisters claim that when he was their opening act, he suggested they should switch and open for him, because his record was doing better than theirs at the time.  "He already called our manager, day before yesterday," laughs Nancy, "[Saying] 'Hey, I'd never say anything negative about those guys!'" [But] he's our buddy and that was a long time ago."

The idea of the fellow rockers who they mention in the book reading it and becoming upset is bad enough, but the Wilsons say the thought of their younger children reading it is really a scary thought.  "My 12-year-old son was looking through the pictures and he finds the one that where it's me and Ann with a hookah," laughs Nancy. "And he's like, 'Mom! What's thaaaat?'  I'm like, 'Oh, I'll tell you later!'"

Overall, the thing in the book that will most surprise fans isn't their tales of backstage debauchery, but, says Nancy, the revelation that "we do not fight."  As she tells ABC News Radio, "People always ask us that, almost first off.  It's like, 'Are you scrappy sisters?' Well, we're not.  We [were] Marine Corps brats, and our family was really super-tight and still is.  So that's, I think, surprising.  And we're probably a little more educated and funnier than you might expect!"

Now that the book is out, Nancy says there has already been talk of a movie version, with Demi Moore playing Ann and Amy Adams as Nancy.  Ann tells ABC News Radio, "I don't know about Demi Moore. I was thinking more Angelina Jolie. I mean, she'd have to eat a cheeseburger!"  Nancy laughs, "She'd have to have a few cheeseburgers!"

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