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Aerosmith Members Look Forward to New Tour, Explain Why the Trek Is So Short

Ross HalfinAerosmith recently revealed the dates for the second North American leg of their Global Warming Tour, which is mapped out from a November 8 concert in Oklahoma City through a December 13 show in Nashville.  As far as bassist Tom Hamilton is concerned, he'd like to play a lot more shows for stateside fans this year.

"It's too short," he laments during a recent press event promoting the band's upcoming Music from Another Dimension! album.  "We're gonna go out for about a month and a half, and that's just because of the way things were arranged a long, long time ago."

Guitarist Joe Perry explains that the reason the trek's brevity was that frontman Steven Tyler hadn't yet left his American Idol gig when the road trip was being mapped out.

"A lot of this s**t you gotta plan six months ahead," says Perry.  "You got football games you gotta worry about.  You got basketball games.  You got every other band in the world you gotta worry about wanting to get into these venues.  So, it takes a long time to plan…So, when Steven's committed to doing American Idol, we can't tour.

Drummer Joey Kramer, meanwhile, promises that there'll be plenty more Aerosmith dates to come after the New Year.

"The next one will, will definitely be bigger and better and will cover more territory," he notes.

Hamilton, Kramer and Perry all say fans coming out to one of the new concerts will get to see Aerosmith at the top of its game.

Hamilton points out that the band keeps "getting better live," while Kramer has even more superlatives to share about the group's in-concert prowess.

"The last batch of shows that we did…I think that the band probably played as good if not better than we ever have," he maintains.  "I don't know why and I don't know where it came from, but everybody was in this mutual head.  It was to the point where I was really looking forward to going on stage every night, 'cause I knew it was gonna be great."

As for Perry, he points out that Aerosmith was playing so well during its most recent tour that the band members actually were complimenting each other after the gigs.

"Almost every night there would be at least one text going back and forth after the show, going, 'Joe, you played your ass off tonight,'" he recalls.  "And that's never happened before."

Check out all the band's confirmed tour dates at AeroForceOne.com.

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