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Neon Trees to Play Rock the Vote Gig, But "Stay Mum" on Politics

Facebook.com/NeonTreesOn October 22, Neon Trees will be opening for President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney....sort of. 

The Utah-based band has been booked to perform at a Rock the Vote event that night in Boca Raton, Florida, where the final presidential debate will be taking place.  The free event will feature Neon Trees performing at 7 p.m., followed by a live screening of the debate at 9 p.m.  The concert will be streamed in real time on XboxLIVE, as part of its Election 2012 initiative. 

The event is part of Rock the Vote's non-partisan voter registration campaign, and representatives from the organization will be on hand to provide election information and non-partisan voter registration guides.

Despite their involvement in this event, Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn says he prefers to avoid politics altogether.  "I stay kinda out of it...I encourage people to get educated but I stay out of it," he tells ABC News Radio. "I always get bummed out when I go to shows and half of it is about politics and not about music.  For me, I like to be the escape.  So, I stay mum, I guess."

One thing Tyler isn't staying mum about is the success of their current hit "Everybody Talks," which has become their first top-10 single, as well as their second platinum-selling download.  Tyler says the fact that the song was featured in a funny commercial for the Buick Verano definitely helped make the song popular.

"I mean, obviously, placements are big deals for bands and we're not afraid of that," he tells ABC News Radio. "I feel like we're a modern band and we try to use technology. If we tried to be like bands of the past, as far as how they treated those things, I think we wouldn't be as thriving."  Tyler says he's "very happy" about the commercial, especially because they got to be in it, too. "It was fun and it felt like us.  It was fun and quirky," he says. "So, it was cool."

As for what inspired "Everybody Talks," Tyler says the idea partly came from the fact that due to the success of their previous hit "Animal," he suddenly became somebody that everybody was talking about.

"I had to get used to going from being anonymous, to [where] I could search my name on Twitter and people would be saying something about it," he tells ABC News Radio.  He also notes that he wrote it for the band's fans, many of whom he describes as "wallflowers," adding, "I just wrote it for them and I wrote it for me.  It's great. I'm really happy with it."

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