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Melissa Etheridge, Stevie Nicks & Gladys Knight Ready to Rock "50+" Fans in New Orleans

Paul Warner/Getty ImagesWhoever said "life begins at fifty" will probably want to be in New Orleans this weekend to hear Melissa Etheridge, Stevie Nicks and Gladys Knight.  All three legendary women will performing Saturday at Life@50+, a national event and expo organized by AARP, a.k.a. the American Association of Retired Persons. 

Melissa is excited to perform at the event, telling ABC News Radio, "It's their 50+ concert, so I just made that, being 51, and I love it!  I love that it's changing.  All of us, my generation, is getting older and more healthier."

The breast cancer survivor adds, "We're looking at 60 not as, 'Oh, that's the end.'  We're looking at 60 as 'OK, I can finally relax.'"

The three women's performance will take place on the final day of the three-day conference.  In addition to being treated to great music, attendees will enjoy lifestyle and education sessions led by celebrities and experts, as well as fitness classes, cooking demonstrations, technology classes, music classes and cultural events.

As Melissa explains, "Retirement is not looking like what it used to look like, and older age is certainly not either.  I'm feeling pretty good about it all."  

Of course, Melissa herself has no plans to retire...yet.  The mother of four just put out a new album, 4th Street Feeling, and will launch a tour early next month.

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