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Keyshia Cole Furious Over Her Sister's New Book

KeyshiaCole.comIf you ever watched the BET reality series Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, then you know that the singer's relationship with her sister Neffeteria "Neffe" Pugh hasn't always been very "sisterly," and apparently, not much has changed.  Neffe recently released a book, Price I Paid: The Reality of Being a Reality Star, and what she wrote apparently sent Keyshia to her boiling point.

"Bitch talk about me in ya book and wearing the shoes I gave u on the cover? F**king Bogus!" Keyshia tweeted, following an earlier message asking fans, "How many of y'all have leaches [sic] in your own family? I need to know I'm not alone!"

A disclaimer acknowledges that some names in the book were changed to "protect the privacy of the individuals involved," but it's pretty clear who Neffe is referring to in one excerpt.  In the passage, Neffe writes that she had wanted to promote her book, My Happiness Is My Sanity, on a reality show that she was working on, but her sister "Lady" brushed off the proposal.

"She didn’t even stop to check it out.  Can you believe she told me she had a nail appointment to go to?" Neffe writes in an excerpt posted to RhymesWithSnitch.com.

In another Twitter message, Keyshia writes, "Shouldn't have never f**ked wit my fam from jump right?"  Keyshia writes that she'll be keeping her son away from the drama, later adding that she gives too much to people.

Meanwhile, Neffe continues to promote her book.  She retweeted messages of encouragement from fans, including one note mentioning Keyshia.  "@KeyshiaCole did you really had to call your blood sister aka @IamNeffeteria the b word to the world? get this stinking attitude checked!!!" one Twitter user wrote.

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