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Prince Teases New Music; Discusses Mysterious "Bootlegger"

PRNewsFoto/42 West"Reluctant" probably isn't a strong enough word to describe Prince's move into the digital age.  But it seems he's come to terms with the Internet, because this week he took to his website to post a lyric video for his new song "Screwdriver."

Prince, who will be presented with the Icon Award at this year's Billboard Music Awards, mentioned the "Screwdriver" track during an interview he did recently with Billboard magazine.  To start things off, Prince quizzed the reporter about ways he might go about getting the word out about a song like "Screwdriver."  Ever-thoughtful about "ownership," Prince also asked how he might then monetize a lyric video for the track.

The Billboard reporter suggested that Prince post the song online, adding that enough attention would lead to monetization.  It's unclear whether Prince actually needed the advice, but he's since posted a video for "Screwdriver" to his site.  Prince will be using the website to tease future projects, including video and music, that will be available for purchase.

If you're looking for another album from Prince, though, don't hold your breath.  He says, "I don't do albums anymore -- I don’t have a deal. I do songs."  As for whether those songs will end up online, Prince says, "If my fans want this, they will tell me what to do and how much they want to pay."

Earlier this month, a mysterious Twitter user by the name of 3rdEyeGirl began sharing links to some previously unreleased Prince material.  The tracks weren't immediately deleted from YouTube, which made some wonder if Prince, himself, was behind the so-called leaks.  He tells Billboard no, however, insisting that 3rdEyeGirl is a bootlegger.

The magazine reporter wasn't exactly convinced though, pointing out a photo that a musician at Prince's studio had taped to the front of a drum; the picture was the same as one that 3rdEyeGirl used as her Twitter avatar.  Prince still insisted that he isn't behind the Twitter account, and said that the photo was his backing trio's way of poking fun at him.

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