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Super Bowl Bets: Beyonce's Hair & Outfit, Alicia's Anthem

PRNewsFoto/PepsiCoThere's an insane amount of betting that goes on each year around the Super Bowl, but what if you want to wager some money on the game but don't really know that much about football?  Easy: just bet on something that has nothing to do with the game, and everything to do with the stars who'll be performing.

Many online betting sites offer so-called "proposition" or "prop" bets on the game, which are novelty wagers on stuff like what the halftime performer and anthem performers will wear.  Bovada, an online betting site, is offering a bunch of these, including:

-- Will Beyonce's hair be curly or straight at the beginning of the halftime show?

-- Will Beyonce be joined on stage by her husband Jay-Z during the halftime show?

-- What predominant color will Beyonce's top be at the beginning of the Super Bowl halftime show?

And national anthem singer Alicia Keys is also the subject of a variety of prop bets, including:

-- How long will it take Alicia Keys to sing the U.S. national anthem? (choice of "over 2 minutes 15 seconds" or "under 2 minutes 15 seconds")

-- Will Alicia Keys be booed during or after her rendition of the U.S. national anthem?

-- Will Alicia Keys forget or omit at least one word of the official U.S. national anthem?

-- Will Alicia Keys add at least one new word of the official U.S. national anthem?

Amazingly, though, the site does not offer the following bet: "Will Beyonce lip-sync her halftime performance?"

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