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Beyonce Credits the OMG Girlz for Coming Up with Her Instagram Name

iam.beyonce.comThe OMG Girlz recently got a very special handwritten note from none other than Beyonce, who thanked the trio for directly inspiring her to go by BADDIEBEY on Instagram.  A few days before Beyonce joined the photo sharing network, OMG's Beauty, Babydoll and Star did a YouTube video for the myISH channel, naming their "Top 7 Reasons Beyonce Is a Baddie."

In the clip, the OMG Girlz gush about Bey's dancing skills, rave over her ability to "REALLY" sing and give her props for an acting resume that includes an episode of the late '90s comedy Smart Guy.  "I think I saw that when I was like seven," Star says of Bey's cameo.

Beyonce was flattered, and writes in her note, "Thank you so much for the sweet things you said.  You named my instagram !! FYI!"  Also in the message, which is posted to the OMG Girlz's Facebook page, Bey adds that she's "very proud" of the group and says, "I hope to see yall soon." 

To close out the message, she signs it as "Baddie B."

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