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Trey Songz Fans Send "Texas Chainsaw 3D" to #1

Atlantic RecordsA shirtless Trey Songz can do wonders, whether it's selling out arenas or filling up movie theaters.  Just months after the singer first bared his bod in the movie trailer for Texas Chainsaw 3D, the horror remake has debuted #1 at the weekend box office, and exit surveys show Trigga is largely to thank.

According to E! Online, polling company CinemaScore reports that Trey was cited as the main reason movie-goers piled into theaters to see Texas Chainsaw 3D.  In the end, the slasher film exceeded industry expectation, raking in an estimated $23 million Friday through Sunday, according to E!

Even though Trey's been busy on his Chapter V tour, he's made time to promote Texas Chainsaw 3D on Twitter and in a handful of interviews.  If you're not familiar with the movie, Trey explains that the movie centers around the main character, Heather, who receives a letter revealing that her grandmother has left her an inheritance.

Along with a group of friends, including Trey, Heather sets to out collect that inheritance.  "We're on this road trip, that has now changed from New Orleans, and a trip of fun, to a trip to Texas just to find out what this is really about," Trey says. 

The guys and girls end up at a mansion where, Trey says, "Instead of what's supposed to be a quick stop, in-and-out, see what it's about, we end up staying the night, thinking it's going to be cool. And you know, some people die." 

Things get pretty gory, but Trey says viewers will find there's more to Texas Chainsaw 3D than just blood and guts.  "I think with this film, from the storyline, to the added dimension of 3D, to the, the cast, to the acting, to, uh, the direction and the shots, the beauty of the shots within this gruesome world, will definitely be something that they're happy with," he says.

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