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New Prince Songs Leak to the Web?

Some previously unreleased Prince material made its way to the Web, all thanks to a mysterious Twitter user who goes by the name 3rdEyeGirl.  She describes herself as an "International Art Thief," and luckily for Prince fans, she's generous with what she collects.

So far, 3rdEyeGirl has tweeted only a handful of links, including one that takes users to a fairly recent YouTube video featuring Prince performing his 1979 song "Bambi."  Also among 3rdEyeGirl's offerings: a link to the song "Same Page Different Book" and a remix of Prince's 2012 single "Rock and Roll Love Affair."

It's unclear whether the songs are really tracks recorded by Prince, or rather, the work of somebody who's trying to sound like the Purple One, as EW.com points out. 

Whatever the case, if 3rdEyeGirl is releasing unauthorized Prince material, her days of sharing may be numbered.  Prince doesn't play around when it comes to use of his image and music on the Web.  He's lashed out at websites like YouTube, and reportedly even threatened legal action against fan sites that posted photos and clips without his OK.

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