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Joe Nichols Balances Poetic and Silly Tracks on New Album, "Crickets"

Red BowJoe Nichols' new album, Crickets, is out this week featuring his latest hit, "Sunny and 75," along with 15 other tracks.  Recording so many songs allowed Joe to cover a lot of musical ground ranging from straight country tracks like "Crickets" and "Billy Graham's Bible" to the outrageously silly and suggestive song "Hee Haw."

"Throughout the record, 16 songs, you have many dips and valleys and peaks that you go through," Joe tells ABC News Radio.  "Like, 'Wow, this is really poetic,' and then you come to 'Hee Haw.'  You're like, 'This is not poetic. This is more like booger-picking country.'"

Joe also included quite a few love songs on Crickets, which is mostly good news for his wife Heather.

He says, "A lot of love on this record, too.  I mean, there's some hook-ups.  There's some hooking up on this record, but there's a lot of love on there."

Crickets also includes Joe's cover of the Merle Haggard song, "Footlights."

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