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Lorde's Happy About "Hugely Positive" Reaction to Her Album, but Says Fame Is "Weird"

Republic RecordsLorde rules.  Not only does her smash hit "Royals" remain at #1 for a second week on the Billboard singles chart, but the 16-year-old singer from New Zealand can boast that her debut album Pure Heroine debuted at #3 on the magazine's album chart.  And she says the success of the disc is both "awesome" and "weird."

"The response has been hugely positive," Lorde tells ABC News Radio about fan feedback on Pure Heroine. "People send me messages on Tumblr and  tell me about it, which is, like, the nicest thing ever."  But the singer, born Ella Yelich-O'Connor, says it's unnerving that all of a sudden, everyone is listening to something she spent three years slaving over in a studio in New Zealand.

"It is weird to have something that has been sooo private out there, because you forget people have to judge it," she laughs. "I was like -- I just forgot about all that stuff. But that's alright. It's been good."

Also strange for Lorde has been navigating the crazy world of fame, where everything she says is put under a microscope and scrutinized. After making negative comments about one of Selena Gomez's songs in one interview, and seemingly dissing Taylor Swift in another, she was slammed online by angry fans.  But says she's not letting that sort of stuff get under her skin.

"It's pretty weird just 'cause I'm super, like, open, and talk about anything I want to talk about," she tells ABC News Radio. "And then, like, some website will take it and turn it into this big thing.  And, I dunno, it's funny, but I'm not too stressed about it."

Meanwhile, "Royals" shows no signs of sliding down the charts.  And while Lorde takes some of the credit for the song's success, she says her co-writer, Joel Little, also deserves some props.  "I think people like the song because the beats and the melodies are really cool, and because the lyrics are really cool," she tells ABC News Radio.  "I wrote all the lyrics and Joel produced it, and we wrote all the melodies together so it's very much collaborative."

Of course, now, that "Royals" is a big pop hit, it's being played on the radio right next to the very types of songs that it criticizes.  "Yeah, I know," laughs Lorde, who turns 17 next month.  "The irony is not lost on me at all!"

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