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Demi Lovato Says Upcoming Tour Will Be a "Big Party" with "Girl Empowerment"

DemiLovato.comDemi Lovato's upcoming Neon Lights tour might as well be called the "X Chromosome" tour: she's the headliner, and all her opening acts are female artists from The X Factor: Cher Lloyd, Fifth Harmony and Little Mix.  And Demi says it's truly "girl power" at its best.

"It's girl empowerment," she tells Billboard.  "I helped put together Fifth Harmony, and a year later they're on the charts, so I'm really happy for them. It's surreal. Everyone [in the groups] is a power vocalist -- they can all sing -- so I love the idea of the show."

Demi says that she wants the tour to be a "big party," but she doesn't want to focus only on the singles people have heard on the radio.

"If I do it right, I'll get in all the hits and the songs that I'm most proud of that represent my style," she explains to Billboard. "That's the message I want people to hear, that there's more than catchy songs released as singles. The album [cuts] should get more attention. That's why [a guy like] Ed Sheeran is so inspiring -- it's not just about pop songs."

In addition to listening to Ed for inspiration, Demi says that lately, she's been enjoying current music from Paramore, Drake, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. "Things [they're] doing have me excited for radio," she says.

Demi will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on October 3 and The Ellen DeGeneres Show on October 7.  Her Neon Lights tour starts February 9.

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