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Justin Bieber Off the Hook in Spitting & Speeding Cases

Image Courtesy Justin Bieber via TwitterTwo major incidents that led the public to believe that Justin Bieber was a spoiled brat headed for a meltdown have now been taken off the table.  ABC News Radio confirms that the L.A County District Attorney has declined to file charges against the singer for allegedly speeding recklessly, or for allegedly spitting on his neighbor.

According to documents provided by the D.A.'s office, the evidence in the speeding case hinged on a videotape, which failed to show that Justin was in his Ferrari at the time of the alleged incident, in which he was accused of driving at high speeds through his Calabasas, California neighborhood.  You may recall that later on, Odd Future rapper Tyler, the Creator, copped to driving the car.

As for the spitting incident, documents show that the D.A. decided it was the neighbor's word against Justin's, and Justin denied doing it.  In addition, investigators determined that the neighbor had entered Justin's property without being invited, so even though the singer may have threatened violence against him, his actions"did not rise to the level of a criminal threat."

Now, if he would only start wearing a shirt in public.

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