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New Justin Bieber Film to Address His "Tough Times," Tackle "All the Rumors in One Film" 

Open Road FilmsWhile Justin Bieber's had a pretty successful year, including a sold-out tour and a #1 album, he's had to weather a storm of controversy over allegations of drug use, reckless driving, monkey mistreatment, inappropriate spitting and uncalled-for shirtlessness.  But according to the singer's manager, his new movie Believe, coming in December, will finally set the record straight.

Justin's manager Scooter Braun tells Billboard magazine that initially, the plan for Believe was to have it resemble Justin's previous movie, Never Say Never, with a focus on his live show.  But then, Braun says, "All this press and all these rumors came out about Justin over the last six months, and he went through a very tough time...[and] we realized that if the film [came] out the way it was, it would look like a puff piece."

As a result, says Braun, he and filmmaker Jon Chu "went and did an entire interview with Justin, and put into the film all of the answers and insights of what's really gone on in his life, to address all these rumors in one film."  This new version of Believe, says Braun, is "a more intimate look into what he's gone through than ever before, and he is talking direct to camera and expressing himself in a way no one has ever seen."

Another way that Justin is expressing himself, says Braun, is through his "Music Mondays" program, which has Biebs releasing new songs one by one, every week until December 16.  Explaining why the singer decided to put out the songs piecemeal, rather than simply releasing a new record, Braun explained, "Justin had this complete body of work that was very different from the stuff he had done in the past -- very, very personal to what he's been feeling over the last six months...I wanted people to experience what he was feeling, week to week."

Braun adds, "This body of work isn't about the big, international, party dance records, it's about how am I feeling, what am I going through and letting the fans know through music exactly where I was and where I am....I think this was a new, innovative way of releasing music and saying you don't need to play the game the normal way."

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