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The One Band Jon Bon Jovi Would Love to See in Concert? Bon Jovi

AEG LiveEven without guitarist Richie Sambora, Bon Jovi's Because We Can tour has been a massive success, earning nominations at the 2013 Billboard Touring Awards for both the year's Top Tour, based on money earned, and Top Draw, based on tickets sold.  But sadly, the one guy who really, really wants to see Bon Jovi live can't: Jon Bon Jovi himself.

The frontman says he's dying to know what it's like to attend a Bon Jovi concert, but he just can't seem to replicate the experience.  "I have tried," he tells ABC News Radio.  "I had someone take a camera up to the top of the rafters...I have tried everything to simulate it.  I can't go into the audience even with a microphone and soundcheck to hear what the band sounds like, because, it's going to be different." 

He laughs, "I would love to see the band sometime, yeah!"

Of course, Bon Jovi fans are happy to tell Jon how much they enjoy the band's shows, which the singer thinks stand alone among other big arena concerts.  While some fans compare their favorite group's concerts to a family reunion, or a backyard barbecue, or even a revival meeting, Jon says Bon Jovi shows are their own animal.

"You know what's been great, is that it's just become uniquely defined by that word: It's a Bon Jovi concert," Jon tells ABC News Radio.  "It's not trying to be U2...[a] religious experience.  It's not trying to be Kenny Chesney, you know, doing a Caribbean country thing, it's just uniquely us and that's great because we're not trying to be anything but who we are."

When Bon Jovi rolls into Toronto's Air Canada Centre in November for a new two-night stand, the venue will be welcoming the group with a special salute: a banner inducting the New Jersey rockers into the Centre's new wall of fame.  According to the Toronto Star, they're the only music act to get that honor: All the other inductees are sports stars.  Why?  Because in the 17 times Bon Jovi has played at the venue, they've sold more than 600,000 tickets -- more than any other band in the arena's history.

"Since 1984, Canada and especially Toronto have been there for the band and myself," Jon told the Star.  "We have had so many memories together and look forward to many more."

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