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Justin Bieber Gets "Wake-Up Call" Working with Underprivileged Kids in Guatemala

Image Courtesy Justin Bieber via InstagramJustin Bieber just might be inspired to change his allegedly naughty behavior after going through one of the "most amazing, powerful experiences" of his life -- helping underprivileged kids in Guatemala. 

The singer traveled to Guatemala with his favorite charity, Pencils of Promise, and helped them build a school in a community there this past weekend.  He then recorded what he called a "video confession," in which he explained that the experience had changed his life.

"It was a place that I didn't really know many beautiful children who are very, very less fortunate. I'm not talking about poor. I'm talking about ten people living in a little shack," said Justin in his video confession. "It was just a wake-up call for me. Any problem that I have, it's nothing at all, 'cause these kids, they have absolutely nothing.  They have no food, no water, no education, and yet we're stressing over the little things.  And they're so happy."

"I'm doing this because it makes me happy," Justin said of his experience. "But it's also helping so many other amazing people."

Justin also said in the video that he knows that that hearing all the time about how "you can make a difference" might be annoying, but now, he really and truly believes it.

"I even think it's corny sometimes when people [are like] 'Everybody single-handedly can make a difference,' but it's not," Justin added. "Because today was a prime example.  Five us went out there and us five single-handedly made a difference in that community.  So each and every one of you, no matter how old or young you are, you can make a difference."

According to TMZ, Justin was choppered out to a remote area outside Guatemala City after he performed there on Saturday.  Not only did he help build a wall for the school, but he even took off his shoes and gave them to one of the local kids.

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