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Taylor Swift: Writing New Album Is "Stressful" Yet "Wonderful"

ABC News RadioNow that Taylor Swift's RED tour is on hiatus, she can turn her attention to other things -- like filming her new role in the upcoming movie The Giver, and promoting "Sweeter than Fiction," the song she did for the new British film One Chance.  But what's really occupying all of Taylor's mental energy these days is brand-new music. In fact, she says working on the follow-up to Red is her "full time job."

"I'm in full swing of writing the next album, because I've been conceptualizing it and working on it as much as I could given the tour schedule for the last year," Taylor tells ABC News Radio. "But now it's my full-time job."

And just like your job can sometimes get in the way of having fun, Taylor admits that her "job" is interfering with her social life.

"I'm absolutely distracted from any social event at all times," she explains to ABC News Radio. "'Cause I'm always going to my phone and recording some lyric idea or some melody."

While creating new music is one of Taylor's very favorite things to do, she admits that, surprisingly, the process is causing her to experience a strange combination of emotions.

"This is when I'm in like, high gear of, like, anxiety and stress, but also happier than I've ever been," laughs Taylor about her creative process.  "So songwriting for me is kind of like a really intense, wonderful, stressful, thing!" 

Taylor will take her RED tour to Australia and Europe in the coming months. Her next album probably won't be out for another year.

ABC News Radio