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Katy Perry: A Year Ago, I Was "Unbalanced" and "Immature" Perry's single "Roar" is all about self-empowerment, but according to the singer, the lyrics of the song were a hard lesson that she had to learn, thanks to her own immaturity.

Speaking to InStyle UK, Katy says that the song is "all about me finding the strength to stand up for myself and to myself," adding, "When you're a kid there are a lot of bullies in the playground, then you grow find yourself being your [own] biggest bully -- in the way of your own success, personally and professionally." 

"I have more confidence now than ever before because I have done a lot of internal work," she explains to the magazine. "I’ve also been through a big change in my life in the past year. This time last year I was very unbalanced; professionally I was at the height of my career, and personally I was very immature."

What sort of work has Katy done to overcome this?  "I have done a lot of processing of ideas, read incredible books to help my psychological state, and therapy," she reveals. "And now it’s a lot more balanced."

Another way Katy is owning her own power is through her new fragrance, Killer Queen, which she says was inspired by the song of the same name by her favorite band, Queen. "It's about a woman that is strong and fun, that doesn’t care too much about outside perception," she explains.

And if she were queen for a day?  "I would make everyone go hiking," she tells the magazine. "Being outside getting fresh air and exercise is so important and good for your mind."

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