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British "X Factor" Gets Viewer Complaints Following Lady Gaga's Peformance

Interscope RecordsLady Gaga's performance on the British version of The X Factor has resulted in a flood of complaints both to ITV, the network that aired it, and to Britain's official media watchdog organization, Ofcom.

As the BBC reports, about 200 viewers contacted Ofcom to complain about the fact that Gaga performed while wearing a skimpy outfit made of sea shells and flesh-colored underwear.  Another 60 viewers complained directly to ITV about the fact that Gaga's performance was aired before the so-called 9 p.m. "watershed."  On British TV, racy material is usually aired after 9 p.m., when it is assumed that young children are no longer watching.

In a statement, ITV said of the complaints, "We do not believe Lady Gaga's performance was inappropriate for the family audience of the X Factor Results show, which has an established tradition of featuring performances from the biggest music stars. Lady Gaga is well known for her highly individual performance style."

Ofcom will now decide whether or not to launch an official investigation.

Gaga's performance was actually tame compared to one that Christina Aguilera did on the same show in 2010.  Her and her dancers' skimpy outfits drew nearly 3,000 complaints.  And earlier this year,  Jennifer Lopez's performance  on Britain's Got Talent drew complaints due to her skintight, high-cut outfit, thigh-high boots and stockings.

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