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Elton John Admits: My Hit-Making Days Are Long Past

Lester Cohen/WireImageElton John's new album The Diving Board had a successful debut on the chart, but it hasn't produced any big hit singles.  And Elton says, frankly, he's not expecting it to, because he doesn't think it's possible for him anymore.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Elton says of himself and songwriting partner Bernie Taupin, who were a veritable hit machine back in the seventies and eighties, "We’ve had our day in the sun as far as hits goes." But luckily, his record company doesn't expect him to churn out the singles like he used to.

"I’m not about making pop records anymore. I don’t have any record company barking down my back saying 'We want a top 20 record.' Those days have gone, and I’m kind of relieved that they have," Elton tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Because there was a lot of pressure to perform and to come up with things."

These days, Elton says, he's only focused on one thing. "I’m about trying to improve as a piano player and as a singer," he explains. "All I want to do is enjoy my music. I still love playing live."

"What I do particularly on new records doesn’t translate to what I’m gonna do in an arena, because people just want to hear the hits," he adds. "But as long as I’m trying to write better songs or trying to keep the quality up, and the vocal and piano are getting better, I’m not going to stop."

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