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Kelly Clarkson Learned to Cook So She Can Feed Her Stepkids

RCA RecordsHow great a stepmom is Kelly Clarkson?  She reveals that she recently learned how to cook, just so she can prepare meals for her new husband Brandon's two children.

Speaking to Food & Wine magazine, Kelly says, "I hired someone to teach me how to cook recently, because my husband has two kids. We cook a lot at our home near Nashville."  One of her specialties, Kelly says, is gluten-free pasta primavera with vegetables from their very own greenhouse.  According to Kelly, the kids love it, a fact she calls "amazing." "Any time you get a kid to eat vegetables, you're like, 'I win!'" she laughs.

Kelly also is proud of a side dish she recently learned how to make: shiitake mushrooms with a maple glaze. "I can eat a whole bowl of them.  It tastes like sugar-coated bacon.  It's the greatest thing ever," she gushes. 

In fact, Kelly's culinary skills even extend to things that most people buy in the store, like almond milk, for example.  "We're actually making our own, and soaking the almonds right now," she reveals. "We're getting real hippie in my household. We even make kombucha tea."

Of course, Kelly wasn't always such a gourmet.  Growing up in Texas, she says, "I didn't even know sushi existed. Now I love sushi, I love Indian, I love Thai. I'm all about trying new foods, but that took a while. When I got into this industry in my early twenties, I was like, 'Where the hell can I get a good meal?'"

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