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Katy Perry, Cee Lo & More Talk Costumes & Halloween Memories

Capitol RecordsHalloween is finally here, giving adults everywhere an excuse to relive their childhoods by dressing up and even going trick-or-treating.  But even if Katy Perry ends up going door-to-door this year, she won't be reliving childhood memories, because she was forbidden from celebrating Halloween as a kid.

During a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Katy revealed that, while she loves Halloween now, she's never done the trick-or-treat thing...ever. "I wasn't allowed to celebrate Halloween because I came from a very sheltered, religious household," she explained. " We would turn off all the lights, shut all the blinds, and bring the dog inside so the dog wouldn't be sacrificed because all kinds of crazy stuff goes down on Halloween." 

These days, Katy says she celebrates, but still hasn't been able to find the time to go trick-or-treating.  If you want to be Katy for Halloween, however, you'll be happy to know that the jungle queen outfit she sports in the "Roar" video is available in stores.

Cee Lo Green is one celebrity whose everyday outfits look like Halloween costumes, so when the actual holiday rolls around, he needs to go way over the top, right?  Wrong.  The Voice coach tells ABC New Radio that he doesn't like to dress up on Halloween.

"I enjoy making people laugh, I enjoy being myself, I enjoy begin artful, outrageous...but I never wanted to become a mockery of myself," he explains. "So I don't  feel it necessary."  In fact, for Cee Lo, it's more surprising when he simply goes out in regular clothing. "People even find it cool to see me dressed down or catch me in some type of domestic situation at the gas station," he laughs. "You know, 'Hey Cee Lo, it's cool you come to CVS!'...that kind of thing."

"Safe and Sound" duo Capital Cities have a Halloween night show scheduled for Washington, D.C., and the duo's Ryan Merchant recalls one year when he took a major fashion risk to come up with a creative Halloween costume. 

"I had a few years where I feel like I had some pretty good costumes, some of them pretty embarrassing," Ryan tells ABC News Radio. "One year, I was a 'Girl Gone Wild,' so I actually shaved my legs, found a sexy little outfit at Target and dressed up like a woman and had a wig...I think it was a little disturbing to some of my friends!"  

Brian Kelley of "Cruise" duo Florida Georgia Line is also proud of one of his past costumes.  "The best one I ever did was Garth and Wayne from Wayne's World," he recalls. "Me and my buddy, Eric Diaz, we did that. I was the blonde with the long hair. I was Garth, and we went to a couple parties. I had drumsticks, and he had a guitar. It was actually pretty solid."

And if you're still looking for a last-minute Halloween outfit, the members of Lady Antebellum say you can't go wrong dressing up like a celebrity making headlines right now. The group's Dave Haywood tells ABC News Radio, "It's always fun to find something pop-culture related. Something Kardashian-related." 

Meanwhile, Lady A's Hillary Scott thinks people will be dressing as foxes, as a nod to the Ylvis viral video hit "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)," as well as Miley Cyrus. But her band mate, Charles Kelley, is a little confused about how they'll pull that Miley costume off, asking "So, basically, they would just run around butt naked?" 

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