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Kelly Clarkson Joins Anti-Distracted Driving Campaign to Honor Friend Who Was Killed 

Jill Greenberg/RCA RecordsKelly Clarkson has teamed up with State Farm Insurance for the company's "Celebrate My Drive" campaign, which encourages teens to be smart behind the wheel and refrain from distracted driving.  And in a new video, Kelly reveals that this is an issue that hits very close to home for her.

"I had a friend of mine die of a distracted driver," Kelly says. "He had just graduated high school, he was two years older than me, and it just kinda shook all of us up. Y'know, you're young, and you don't think anything like that could ever happen.  Somebody was distracted and killed him, and one of our other friends was in the car with him, and she had to be there when that happened.  I mean, it's just so silly, like, he died 'cause somebody just wasn't paying attention.  So on a serious note, two eyes on the road, two hands on the wheel."

But the rest of the video isn't so serious -- Kelly answers random questions about driving, such as what's her favorite car air freshener scent, and whether or not she'd ever put a bumper sticker on her car.  The answers are, for the record, "Pine," and "Yes, and it would say 'Don't Mess with Texas.'"

Kelly also recalls her first car ever in the video. "Her name was Jane Honda.  She was a Honda Accord LX. Her windows didn't roll down too well but I loved it...I looked good in her!"

"I love singing in the car," Kelly adds. "And I am like, in my head, like, on stage, totally Tina Turner-ed out, like, I'm going for it.  People would pull up at the stoplight, and I'd just be, like, going for it.  And you'd think that'd be, like, embarrassing, but nope!  I just roll that window down and keep singing!"

As part of the campaign, teens and their schools are invited to make a commitment to safe driving.  Schools can win grants, or the grand prize: a private concert by Kelly herself.  Visit for more information.

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