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Slash Discusses the New Horror Film He Produced, "Nothing Left to Fear"

Photo: Travis ShinnNothing Left to Fear, the first movie from Slash's Slasher Films production company, premiered in select theaters over the weekend, and will be available for purchase on DVD, Blu-ray and as a digital video on Tuesday.  The horror flick, which stars Anne Heche, James Tupper and Clancy Brown, tells the story of a religious family who moves into a small Kansas town with a dark secret -- it happens to be located over a portal to hell.

"Basically, it's Internet folklore," the ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist tells ABC News Radio about the inspiration for the film.  "There is a town called Stull in Kansas, and there's this whole series of anecdotes of things that have been happening [there] for years…And there is a cemetery there that's supposed to be one of the seven gateways to hell, and there's a church next door to it which is harboring a demon and the son of a demon, or something along those lines."

As a lifelong horror-movie fan, Slash says many aspects of Nothing Left to Fear's story appealed to him and inspired him to co-produce the flick.

"I love the sort of innocent family being lured into this nice, rural community under false pretenses," he explains.  "I loved the religious aspect of it, because that's a thing that's supposed to make you feel safe, so I love that sort of twist there…Everything about it seemed like something…original, but it's along themes that we've heard before."

Besides being involved in the production end, Slash also lent his musical talents to the movie, co-writing the score -- in collaboration with composer Nicholas O'Toole -- and contributed a couple of original songs to the soundtrack.  The rocker explains that although he hadn't composed a full-length score before, working with O'Toole turned what might have been a chore into a "really pleasurable" experience.

"In a way, [it was] a challenge," notes Slash, "but it was so fascinating and it was so much fun to do that it took all the work out of it."

One of the original tunes the 48-year-old Rock and Roll Hall of Famer penned for the movie was the title track, which features vocals by Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy, who also has been the lead singer of Slash's band for the last few years.  Slash says asking Kennedy to appear on the song was a no-brainer.

"Myles is an incredible singer, and he's got the kind of voice that fits perfectly to do something haunting," he maintains.  "He's got a very, very sort of buttery-smooth voice with a lot of range, so he can go very deep and he can go very high…It wasn't even a question to me who should sing it."

As for what kind of movie fans can expect next from Slasher Films, Slash promises that it definitely won't be a romantic comedy.

"Slasher Films is primarily horror based," he insists.  "There's so many different possibilities for horror stories [and] science-fiction stories, but along those lines is where I'm keeping it focused.  I'm just looking for another story that's really, really great and something that totally grabs me by the short hairs."

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