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Kelly Clarkson Not a "Feminist," but Convinced She Can "Do It All" 

Image Courtesy Clarkson via TwitterWhile Kelly Clarkson won't call herself a feminist, she says combining a successful career, marriage and children is on her agenda in the coming year, and she truly believes that she can "do it all."

Asked by Time magazine whether she's signaling some sort of "winding down" of her career by releasing a greatest hits album and a Christmas album and planning to have a baby right away with new husband Brandon Blackstock, Kelly scoffs at the idea.

"It's not winding down, but it's just winding in kind of a different direction," Kelly tells Time. "I mean I just had my biggest hit, and I'm 31. So it's not winding down, it's really just winding differently, because I'm married and I have [step] kids and I do want a baby, but you can do it all!

As an example, Kelly adds, "Pink's got a baby. She's still rocking the world away!"

However, Kelly balks at labeling herself a feminist.  Asked if she'd call herself one, she tells Time, "I wouldn't say 'feminist,' that's too strong.  I think when people hear 'feminist,' it's just like, 'Get out of my way, I don't need anyone.'  And I think that's bad, because I don't believe that's what the word 'feminism' stands for, but that's how people kind of relate to that word."

"I love that I'm being taken care of and I love that I have a man who's an actual leader.  So I'm not a feminist in that sense," she continues. "But when it comes to music, I am a little bit more ballsier.  But I think that's different."

Kelly also talks to Time about today's female artists who are "provocative" -- something she is not, and never has been.

"There’ve always been women in the industry who have pushed the envelope: Cher, Madonna, Annie Lennox. I don’t think anything different is going on [today]," Kelly says. "People say, 'Oh, you never go for the whole sex-appeal thing.' Well, I don’t ever not go for it, either. I just go for who I am. People in the industry have tried [jerk] moves with me, but of course they’re going to, because they make money when girls do that."

Asked if she has any advice for the biggest pop provocateur of the moment -- that'd be Miley Cyrus -- Kelly tells Time, "I honestly don’t, because we’re nothing alike -- I wasn’t a child star. I have no idea what her life was like or what she goes through."

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