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New Group Parmalee's Loved Ones Make Everywhere "Feel Like Carolina"

Stoney CreekNew group Parmalee wrote their breakthrough hit, "Carolina," about all the time they spend on the road away from their loved ones back home in North Carolina. Though they love the touring life, the guys in Parmalee always feel that love and support from their family.

Lead singer Matt Thomas tells ABC News Radio, "The song's actually about how your loved ones make you feel like you're at home no matter where you're at, and how coming home has always been a special event for us."

While writing the chorus about how the girl in the guy's life "looks like California" and "shines like those New York lights on Broadway," Matt and the band drew on their experience touring across the country in the past few years.

"We had been to New York and worked and we'd been to California and Carolina was home, so we kinda had this broad aspect of these different kinds of places," Matt explains. "You go to New York and you see the Broadway, and it's just an amazing thing. You go out to California, when you go out there and feel that weather. It's just so amazing."

Still, nothing can compare with the love from home for the guys in Parmalee.

Says Matt, "Your loved ones make you feel like you're at home even if you're on the phone with 'em, you know." (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

"Carolina" will be included on Parmalee's debut album, Feels Like Carolina, due out December 10.

Here's the Feels Like Carolina track listing:

"Musta Had a Good Time"
"Day Drinkin'"
"Close Your Eyes for This"
"Think You Oughta Know That"
"Back in the Day"
"My Montgomery"
"Already Callin' You Mine"
"I'll Bring the Music"
"Another Day Gone"

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