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"Glee" Takes On Twerking in Thursday's Episode 

Adam Rose/FoxIf you think it's about time that Glee acknowledged two of the biggest music stars of 2013 -- Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus -- then you'll be thrilled with Thursday night's episode, called "The End of Twerking." 

Both "Blurred Lines" and "Wrecking Ball" figure prominently in the episode, which starts when a video of Blaine twerking goes viral. Mr. Schue is then inspired to incorporate the dance into New Directions' routine for Nationals, to make them more "edgy."  When the kids complain that they don't know how to twerk, Jake and Kitty are enlisted to teach them.  Predictably, Principal Sue objects to the sexually explicit dance move, leading the kids to stage a protest. 

In the midst of this, Marley finds out that Jake is cheating on her with Bree, the evil Cheerio, and Unique raises the issue of gender equality in the school's bathrooms.

Meanwhile, in New York, Rachel and Kurt decide to get "edgy" themselves and visit a tattoo parlor, with disastrous results.

Here's the song list for Thursday's episode:

"You Are Woman, I Am Man" (from Funny Girl) -- Rachel & Paolo
"Blurred Lines" (Robin Thicke) -- Will, Jake, New Directions
"If I Were a Boy"  (Beyonce) -- Unique
"Wrecking Ball" (Miley Cyrus) -- Marley
"On Our Way" (The Royal Concept) -- New Directions

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