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Miley Says "Super Rad" AMA Performance Will Be Her "Birthday Present" to Herself

RCA RecordsAs if Miley Cyrus hasn't had enough to be happy about this year -- two smash singles, a #1 album, plus all the publicity a star could possibly want -- she's gearing up for something else that deserves some major celebration: her 21st birthday.  Miley says she's got a special present all planned for herself, and we'll be able to share it with her.

Miley turns 21 on November 23, and the very next day, she'll be performing at the American Music Awards.  And as she tells BBC Radio 1, "That's actually kind of, like, the best thing..I'm really excited about this performance.  I've made really cool, it's kind of like a birthday present to myself." 

Apparently, Miley's had the idea for what she'll be doing onstage for a while, and had been searching for just the right moment to unleash it. "I've been saving this performance for my birthday, 'cause it's, like, super rad, and I'm excited about it!" she gushed.

Now, since this is Miley, we know there's going to be something racy and provocative about her performance, but she says it's all a part of her master plan to get people to see what she'll do next, and then, hopefully, get them hooked on the fact that she's -- yes -- a talented singer.

"Guys [are] usually, like, 'Flip the channel, Miley Cyrus is coming on.'  You know I'm at least gonna be kind of naked!" she laughs to BBC Radio 1. "So it makes people stick around and watch a little bit more, and then they're actually, like, 'Oh, wait.  She can hold a note!'"

But in addition to mesmerizing us with her antics at the AMAs, which will air November 24 on ABC at 8 p.m. ET, Miley says there's something else she's looking forward to about turning 21. 

"I still can't rent a car, but I can get a drink, so that's good!" she laughs.

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