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"Nashville" Recap: She's Got You

ABCThe bed-hopping and big deals continued on Nashville Wednesday night as Juliette Barnes continued her secret love affair with married media mogul, Charles Wentworth. Charles' wife Olivia surprised Juliette with a visit to her hotel room and a shocking proposition. Instead of being angry about Juliette's affair with Charles, Olivia said, "I know you're sleeping with my husband, but what I don't understand is why you're not sleeping with me." That's when Olivia planted a big kiss on Juliette's mouth and the credits rolled.

Before that shocking lip lock, Juliette turned down the advances of a sleazy radio DJ in Houston named Bobby Delmont, who then started generating bad press for Juliette via Twitter. It turns out Charles owns the radio station where Bobby works, so he had the DJ fired after Juliette told him about the situation. Juliette insisted Charles give Bobby his job back, and then promised to ruin Bobby's career if he ever came on to another up-and-coming female artist again.

There was plenty of drama between Juliette's opening acts, too. Closeted country singer Will Lexington kept up the appearances of his fake relationship with the other opener, Layla Grant. They awkwardly ran into Will's ex-boyfriend, Brent, with his new boyfriend after the show in Houston, and he later saw the gay couple being harassed by a few guys in the hotel bar. Will didn't stand up for them at the time, but he later beat the homophobic guys up in the parking lot before going to hook up with Layla in her hotel room.

Back in Nashville, Rayna Jaymes two-stepped into bed with another country megastar, Luke Wheeler, after he agreed to let Rayna's new act, Scarlett, open his new tour. While Luke and Rayna were in bed, her ex-husband, Teddy Conrad, was getting married to Peggy, who is lying about carrying Teddy's baby.

After finding out that her biological father is actually Deacon Claybourne, Rayna's daughter Maddie was on a quest to get to know him better. For his part, Deacon worked to get back onstage after injuring his hand in the wreck in last season's cliffhanger. He enlisted Avery Barkley to play guitar and ended up performing a new song, "You're the Kind of Trouble" at the Bluebird Cafe. Maddie and Rayna were in the audience for that performance, and Deacon ended up having a great conversation with his daughter as the club cleared out.

Overcoming his fear of performing without a guitar was a big deal for Deacon, who is played by Charles Esten.  The actor tells ABC News Radio, "Although Deacon hasn't been able to play guitar, play music right now, he wants to be the guy or the kind of father that has something to offer his kids. So, it's making him step up in ways that he might not otherwise."

As for "You're the Kind of Trouble," the lyrics apply to Deacon's taking a risk in getting back onstage, but they could also speak to Deacon's ongoing attraction to Rayna.

"The thing I love most about the music is that it takes the scenes to another level," Charles says. "It takes the relationships to another place. It lets you say things that you might not say if you weren't behind a guitar or a piano, and they take full advantage of that here."

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Nashville returns with an all-new episode next Wednesday night at 10 ET on ABC.

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